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"Tyumen - Pokrovskoye - Tobolsk, 4 days"

You will enjoy the views of the Siberian landscapes, visit the thermal springs, visit the places visited by the royal family, both against their own will and against it . . . You will recognize the main cities of Siberia: Tyumen and Tobolsk and be sure to swim in the thermal springs!
Price: $ 310
Feature tour:
DAY tour program 
1 Day

Arrival in Tyumen (to the railway station or to the airport).

15:00 Meeting with the guide at the airport at the exit from the arrival hall. Plate "Gates of Siberia".

Transfer to Tyumen.

Lunch at the hotel cafe. Accommodation in the rooms.

Bus and walking tour of the city.

You will see the place from which the city began, now there is a memorial sign at this place. You are waiting for the main "actors" of this Siberian city, namely:


- Holy Trinity Monastery is the most ancient shrine of the city. The monastery is somehow subtly similar to Ukrainian churches. I wonder why? Will learn!


- The bridge of lovers is the most romantic place in the city. Walk along the bridge from coast to coast, and you will have happiness and love !.


- Merchant mansions, of which a lot has been preserved in Tyumen. Merchants lived in these mansions, their shops were located in them. At home merchants holili and decorated with wooden carvings - some platbands could cost more than the house itself! The platbands are very different from the platbands, for example, of Tomsk. See for yourself! You decipher the characters hidden in the frames and find out: who are the former owners?


- Gostiny Dvor, because of which pre-revolutionary Tyumen lost a lot of money.


- Square of Siberian cats, baleen "savior" treasures of the Hermitage.


- Color Boulevard, once on which, throw a coin on the bronze "Wind Rose", and your journey will be happy. And only then walk along this beautiful boulevard, along its squares, admire the sculptures of great clowns, an unusual musical fountain.


And, of course, you are waiting for a story about modern Tyumen.


Return to the hotel "Vostok" (city center). Free time.


We recommend to visit the hot springs of Tyumen. Taxi from the hotel to the b / o "Wave" - ​​250 rubles. (do not forget to bring swimwear).


In 1948, under Tyumen, they were looking for oil, and found mineral waters. The hot springs of Tyumen are not just a "brand, a tourist attraction. Tyumen thermal mineral water in its composition can compete with the waters KavMinVod and Karlovy Vary in the Czech Republic.

2 Day




Acquaintance with local history museum expositions located in the hotel "Vostok".


Visiting the "Tsars Wharf museum - this challenging museum is dedicated not only to the last journey of the royal family. There are a lot of interesting artifacts that you can touch with your hands - irons, chests, phones, typewriters, and also expositions telling the history of Tyumen shipbuilding and the history of the oldest house, as well as many paintings, old books, magazines. And the atmosphere of some home comfort, at home, completely different from the museum.


Visit the museum estate of the Kolokolnikov merchants.


Once, a strange company was traveling from St. Petersburg to Tyumen in one train - Emperor Alexander II, the red commander Blucher and the poet Zhukovsky. They did not talk among themselves - they were made of wax. And they went for permanent residence in the Tyumen house of the merchant Kolokolnikov. What connected this trinity and luxury merchant's house?


Dinner. Visit to the restoration workshop.


Tyumen is an ancient Siberian city, rich in not only natural resources and architectural monuments, but also good people and real masters. More than 30 years of work of the restorer served to revive more than 30 wooden structures. A new life was found in the estate of merchants-patrons, ancient houses, icon cases, and altars of ancient temples.


Walking tour of the city center: acquaintance with architectural carvings. The historical center of Tyumen and old merchant houses. Ornate and intricate carving on old houses adorns both the shutters, and the doors, and the gates, and the roofs ... Being fascinated by looking at carved platbands, do not forget to look at your feet from time to time. You can stumble over the monument "Plumbing Uncle Van, which has the ability to move around the city.


Visiting a gift shop.


Return to the hotel. Free time.

Breakfast. Exemption numbers. Departure to the village of Pokrovskoe.
Visiting the museum of the "old man Grigori Rasputin, located on the old Tobolsk road, in the village of Pokrovsky - in the homeland of Grigori Yefimovich. Until now, the debate over who this man was: a visionary or a crook, a genius or a villain, does not stop. The figure is bright and ambiguous, with a touch of mystery and mystery. Fatal and inexplicable events are associated with it. "Whether or not they will come to Tobolsk and, before they die, they will see my native village," said Rasputin about the Romanovs. In this unique journey, you will have the opportunity to comprehend a piece of Rasputins identity by visiting his homeland and the museum, which contains the personal belongings of the "old man and his family.

Moving to Tobolsk. Dinner.

If Tyumen is "The Gates of Siberia, then Tobolsk is the capital of Siberia.

One of the oldest cities in the Urals and Siberia, which is famous for its amazing

architectural and historical monuments, the main of which is the Tobolsk Kremlin.

The fast flowing Irtysh and the majestic Tobol. The city of D. Mendeleev and the painter V. Perov, the composer A. Alyabyev and the storyteller P. Ershov, the actor A. Abdulov and many other worthy people.

Words can not describe what beauty this city is! How many wonders here. One of them is nettle clothes.

In ancient Tobolsk, weaved webs of nettle and from it sewed embroidered clothing.

And what intrigues trudged around the governor's court!

Excursion on the territory of the Tobolsk Kremlin - the real Pearl of Siberia, located on the Trinity Cape, where Tobol and Irtysh merge. It is the only stone Kremlin in Siberia and a unique complex.

historical monuments included in the list of federal cultural values ​​of the country. In ensemble

the Kremlin includes the oldest St. Sophia Assumption Cathedral with a sacristy, a bell tower, a bishop's house,

the tower and walls, the complex of buildings of the former palace of the governor, Gostiny Dvor and the Prison Castle.

You will stroll through the incredibly beautiful Kremlin in the center of Siberia, like the once regal guests,

who always began their acquaintance with Tobolsk just from a walk around the Kremlin. And you will understand: where from here,

in the capital of Siberia elements of the Ukrainian Baroque.

Visiting the museum "Palace of the Viceroy". The exposition of the Palace of the Viceroy reveals the theme of the 300-year reign of Siberia, starting with the victories of the detachment of ataman Yermak and the establishment of voivodship rule, until the revolutionary events of 1917. Visiting the museum "Prison Castle" - the most mysterious museum of the Tobolsk Kremlin. Until 1989, it was one of the most stringent Russian prisons. In our time - the museum of Siberian prison and exile. You will get acquainted with the life of prisoners of the pre-revolutionary and Soviet periods, the bravest guests will be able to descend into the dark dungeon, which has preserved the oppressive atmosphere of confinement. Prisoners of the prison castle were such famous people as Chernyshevsky, Dostoevsky, Korolenko. Visiting the Museum of the Family of Emperor Nicholas II, which is located in the memorial building of the Governors House and is historically associated with the stay in exile of the family of Nicholas II from August 1917 to April 1918. This museum is in many ways unique, it allows you to take a fresh look at It would seem that for a long time already known facts, to reveal new boundaries of the private and public activities of the family of Emperor Nicolas II and people loyal to them. The museum has a unique subject range, which includes both items belonging to the royal ladies, and produced by suppliers of the imperial court. Hotel accommodation. Free time.
 4 Day
Breakfast. Exemption numbers. Visit Tobolsk bone carving workshop. Today Each work of the workshop surprises with the grace of execution and harmony of the sculptural compositions. The work of Tobolsk bonfire of different generations was awarded gold medals at international exhibitions in Paris and Brussels. Moving to the village of Abalak. Visit Abalaksky Monastery of the Holy Znamensky, which is located on the right bank of the Irtysh. The most beautiful architectural ensemble of the monastery was built in the style of Siberian baroque. During the visit, you will learn the history of its foundation and why the Abalak Icon of the Mother of God was painted here, which later became miraculous. The list of this icon was presented to Nicholas II during his Tobolsk exile. Visiting the tourist complex "Abalak". The wooden fortress was erected near the Abalaksky Holy Monastery of the Sign of the Men and represents a reconstruction of the Siberian fortress of the times of the conquest of Siberia by the Cossacks Ermak. On the territory of the tourist complex there are several viewing platforms, which offer breathtaking views of the Irtysh. Late lunch. Transfer to Tyumen airport (Roshchino). 18.30 end of service.
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Tyumen: Hotel Vostok 3 * Tobolsk: Hotel Georgievskaya 3 * (breakfast - buffet)

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