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"The mysterious island, 7 days"

We offer to Your attention a new unique tour of the island of Sakhalin. The tour program includes visiting the main attractions of the island such as Cape Giant, lake Busse, Tikhaya Bay, mud volcano. Discover Sakhalin!
Price: $ 822
Feature tour:

1 day

Arrival in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. Meeting at the airport.  Transfer to hotel, accommodation.

14:00 – 17:00 - city tour with guide of the city of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk with a visit to GK "Mountain air", Victory Avenue, Victory square, the walk of Fame, railroad Museum, monuments-busts of discoverers of the Sakhalin island, Communist Avenue, the Memorial complex "Victory", the temple of "Christmas".

The end of the tour the on-site Museum.

Visit the Museum (without guide)

Independent return to hotel.

19:00 Welcome dinner.  Meeting with the not summarized, discussion of the future of the program.

Day 2

The Giant Cape, Cape Bird.

The route Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk - p. Western Cape Giant - Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk (southern Sakhalin island).

08:00 - Breakfast at the hotel.

09:00 - Departure to the Cape Giant.  Journey time 2.5 hours (135 miles one way).

Cape "Giant" - a monument of nature, one of the most beautiful sea coasts of Sakhalin.  Bizarre rocks, the outlines of which someone sees the lion coming up out of the sea, someone mysterious castle, and someone is the head of the hero-giant, dozing at the water's edge, towering along the coast from Cape Bird to Cape Giant.  Amaze by their grandeur of the stone arch, created by the greatest architect of Nature.  On the cliff tops and arches bustle of noisy gulls, proudly scurry cormorants and Swifts.  Along the narrow strip of sandy beach spruce-fir forest on the sea terrace, where Christmas trees are carefully hiding from the cold sea wind, "turning" to the sea of Okhotsk "back".  And here you can observe one of the most amazing phenomena of nature - the spawning run of Pacific salmon, namely pink, if your trip falls on the period from July to early September.

Hot lunch by the sea: a fish in Sakhalin, salads, Korean food from wild plants (ferns, burdock), tea, coffee.

17:00 - Departure to Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk.

19:00 - Arrival in the city.

Dinner (on your own).

Day 3

Butte Frog

The route Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk - p. News - rock outcrop "Frog" - Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk (southern Sakhalin island).

09:00 - Breakfast in the hotel restaurant.

09:30 - Departure to the route, 30 minute (12 km) on transport to village News, then departure to the route on foot.

It is believed that the area News — the energy center of the island.  Rock "Frog" — the only one of nature the age of 70 million years, a very unusual place of power.  The travel time along the ecological path to the foot of the mountain takes approximately 20 minutes.  Then a short but steep climb to the Butte "Frog", which takes 20-30 minutes.  The summit offers amazing scenery and in good weather it is possible to see the Anivsky Bay, lake Tunaycha and Changeable.  You will see the magic stones in the form of the Sphinx, "Solar" and "lunar" clearing stones "questions and answers" and can swim in the "energy" the river Iicca)

13:30 – Snack (dry rations).

14:00 – Departure to the city.

14:30 – arrival.

Free time.

Day 4

Quiet Bay, mud volcano Manhatan.

The route Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk - Dolinsk, - s. starodubskoe - p Seaside - Quiet Bay, mud volcano Magotan - Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk (on the East coast . Sakhalin)

07:00 - Breakfast at the hotel.

08:00 - Departure to the Bay of "Quiet" (by road, travel time – 2 hours).

09:00 - Stop in the village of starodubskoe "amber coast".

On the coast you can collect as a souvenir of the local Sakhalin amber "Shalini".  Amber has a beautiful color of black tea with cherry shade and will be a perfect addition to your jewellery collection.

09:40 - Departure to the Bay of "Quiet".

On the way to the Bay.  in p. Coast, you can visit the local market with seafood and herbs, where you can buy freshly caught crab and enjoy it on a halt.

10:30 - Arrival to the Bay Quiet.

A walk through the Quiet Bay where your eyes gaze at the rock formation created by mother Nature: rock-ARKA "Magic window", the stone Elephant and the island is Visible (if low tide).

Обед на берегу моря (сухой паек).

12:30 - Отправление на пугачевский грязевой вулкан «Магунтан»

The Pugachev mud volcano (Magotan) is the second largest volcano of its kind on the island.  It looks like a group of mud circles (large Central and two small ones in the neighborhood).  Satellite images are perfectly visible on all three.  In fact, under heterogeneous vegetation hides a field with a diameter of 4 km. At its core and is the main mud field.  The surface is flat and only slightly raised centre.  Vegetation in the ring anomalies are almost there.  On the vast grassy marshes grows a huge amount of herbs, flowers and miraculously clinging saturated with moisture the soil is trees.  The volcano grows a couple of interesting plants, including Muchnik Tsveleva found exclusively in the Sakhalin region.

17:00 - Departure to Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk.

19:00 - Arrival to Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk.  Accommodation at the hotel.

Dinner (on your own).

Day 5

Gastronomic tour: "the Gathering of oysters and lunch with seafood on the lake.  Busse"

Route: South-Sahalinsk - Korsakov - oz.  Busse.

08:00 – Breakfast at the hotel.

09:00 – departure to lake Busse.

Places to visit and stay: the Lookout Korsakov, Russia's first LNG plant on production of liquefied natural gas, oil export terminal and Russia's first port of Prigorodnoye, built especially to service the Russian and international vessels carrying liquefied natural gas (LNG) and oil tankers, walk along the shore at Busse lake (optional and weather conditions yield small ship on the lake (Seating 10 people) to gather oysters at oyster island.  The service cost is 3 000 rubles/1 person).

Lunch of fresh seafood (scallop, oyster, sea urchin) skillfully prepared by our professional chef).

Busse lagoon - a natural monument located in the Korsakov district of Sakhalin island.  Lake lagoon is connected by channel with Aniva Bay, Okhotsk sea.  This place is a Treasury of natural gifts.  It generously shares everything: beautiful scenery, lavish catch, rich blossoming shores, new experiences.  Only then you can catch and eat fresh oysters, and sea urchins.  Also in the lake, you can see mollusks such as: RAPAN Sakhalin Spisula, scallop.  In addition to the molluscs in the lake live shrimp, called Sakhalin a lings.

Day 6

Free day.

Optional - visit to the fish market or excursions to choose from.

Day 7

Breakfast at the hotel.

Transfer hotel-airport.

The cost of the tour for 1 person:
Accommodation The cost Currency
Accommodation in 1/2 DBL program 822 $
  Dates of the tour you can request from the managers of the company ITS - Tour
The price includes:
  • transfer airport–hotel–airport
  • meals as per program
  • transport and excursion service according to the program
  • services of a guide
  • insurance accident case
  • flight to Sakhalin;
  • meals mentioned in the program at their own expense.
  • The cost of accommodation in the hotel in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk on the tour (prices per person):

You can write your wishes.
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