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"Incredible north. Glamping on the Kola Peninsula."

Comfortable premium glamping. Dome tents with a panoramic view. It seems that this is already enough to go on a trip to the Kola Peninsula. But we added a few more reasons: trips in jeeps, buggies and ATVs, reaching the northernmost mainland of Russia, local delicacies and aurora. It turned out a dream trip. Join now!
Price: $ 15000
Feature tour:
The journey begins in Murmansk, where you need to get on your own.

  To fly to Kola, choose the flight Moscow - Murmansk, Aeroflot SU 1320, 7: 15-9: 35. To return back, you need a flight Murmansk - Moscow, Aeroflot SU 1493, 21: 35-00: 05.   We are ready to help with the purchase of tickets, if necessary, leave a comment in the application.

1 day   Valley of Glory

After meeting at the airport of Murmansk on Toyota Land Cruiser SUVs, you will go to glamping. On the way you will visit the Valley of Glory, where during the war there were fierce battles for the Kola Arctic. There are still traces of fortifications and trenches.
Then you will have lunch at the cafe and visit the waterfall on the Western Litsa River. Arriving in glamping, you will relax and relax in the bath.
For dinner, try Northern dishes.

Day 2

 Musta-Tunturi Ridge and Avatar Falls

 After breakfast in the camp, you will walk to the Musta-Tunturi ridge, where during the years of the Second World War there was a line of confrontation between troops. For lunch, return to glamping.


After completing a safety training on SUVs and ATVs, you will go to Avatar Falls.


Returning to glamping in the evening, have dinner and relax in the bathhouse.

Day 3

Peninsula Middle

Today after breakfast you will find a circular route along the Sredniy Peninsula. The journey will take place in jeeps and ATVs.

You will see the seks Akka and Ukka - two stone giants on the wild coast of the Barents Sea. Visit the picturesque shore of red stones. You will get to the battery of coastal artillery during the Second World War, where four "towers with guns and underground casemates have been preserved. There will be a hot lunch on the way.

By evening, you will return to glamping. Have dinner, rest and take stock of the day.

Day 4
Cape German

On that day, you will ride ATVs to Cape German - the northernmost mainland point of the European part of continental Russia.

Along the way, you will see abandoned garrisons and unique stone landscapes of the coast of the Arctic Ocean: littoral of the Kyi raid and "armageddon".

You will see how waves crash with a deafening crash on a rocky shore up to 100 meters high. If desired, swim in the ocean at the northernmost point of Russia and dine on a sandy beach.

Returning to glamping, you will have dinner, rest and relax in the bathhouse.
Day 5   Return to Murmansk

 After breakfast, you will drive back to Murmansk on off-road vehicles. On the way, visit the German rear road.

 You will arrive at the airport at approximately 8 p.m. and leave for Moscow on your last evening flight

 Travel Accommodation

You will live in a glamping camp with the highest level of comfort.

 On its territory are located:

panoramic tent with a common sitting area  bath, wash area, toilets residential dome tents designed for two people. They are warm, comfortable, have electricity and comfortable beds. The panoramic window offers views of the Barents Sea.
  • Every day professional guides and instructors with experience of more than 10 years will be with you.
  • All transfers take place on Toyota Land Cruiser SUVs. Capacity - 3 people and a driver. On the way, you can watch the films "Leviathan and "Duelist, shot on the Kola Peninsula.In addition, you will travel on the latest buggies and ATVs. We provide all necessary protective equipment.

 What to bring with you -
  • Documents:
passport, insurance policy in sealed packaging
  • Clothes and shoes:
padded trousers and jacket
fleece jumper and sweater
windproof hat and buff
waterproof trekking sneakers (or other hiking shoes)
good raincoat or raincoat with a hood
a set of replaceable shoes (trekking sneakers) and outerwear (sweater / flisk, trousers)
rubber boots (optional, but desirable)
cotton socks (3-4 pairs)
wool socks (2 pairs)
T-shirts (2-3 pcs)
comfortable cotton clothes (shirt, pants)
thermal underwear
bath accessories (swimsuit or swimming trunks)
slates (for a bath)
  •   Personal items and equipment:
backpack, travel bag or suitcase
small backpack for radial exits
flashlight with spare battery kit
small polyurethane seat mat
wet wipes
personal care products
funds from mosquitoes and midges (for example, "Off, "Moskitol, "Taiga).
personal first aid kit
hermetic and video equipment
Dates of the tour you can request from the managers of the company ITS - Tour
tour price from 1500 $ per person
 What is included in the price:
- living in glamping
- three meals a day with dishes of high expeditionary cuisine from the chef
- accompaniment by experienced guides and instructors
- all transfers on the route
- rental of SUVs, buggies and ATVs
- expeditionary equipment
 What to pay extra:
- air tickets to Murmansk (from 10 000 rubles. In both directions)
- insurance
-personal expenses
-translation services

You can write your wishes.
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Travel company "ITS-Tour"
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