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"The Baikal ice, 6 days"

" The" ice of Baikal, which you saw in Instagram, Facebook, commercials and movies. I guess it' s time to see with your own eyes? Find numerous cracks and bubbles, have the alloy on the ice and skate on the biggest rink in the country. Join our races!
Price: $ 1955
Feature tour:
 The tour program

The trip starts in Irkutsk, where you need to get yourself on the first day of the program until 9:30.  We are ready to help with the purchase of tickets, if necessary, leave a comment in the application.

Day 1

Acquaintance with Baikal

In the morning you will be met at the airport and then you will go to Baikal by comfortable minibuses.  The trip will take 3-4 hours, along the way you will be able to communicate with a guide or take a NAP after an overnight flight.


Your first lunch will be held in Buryat cafe where you can taste the most delicious dishes of Siberian cuisine: Buryat poses and Buhler.


After a hearty lunch you continue the journey.  You will find the first check out on the ice of lake Baikal to the maximum safe vehicle TREKOL.  He is able to move through water, land, and ice.  In addition to its ride quality, this vehicle looks very impressive, and pictures in the background are especially interesting.


In the evening you will be accommodated at the recreation center and have dinner.  You will have free time.  You can walk on the ice walking or ice skating.

Day 2

Small sea

After Breakfast, you will depart to explore the ice of the Small sea vehicles.  First you will visit the Buddhist Stupa of enlightenment at the Cape Ogoi, and then inspect the caves, Naples and caves with ice stalactites.  Learn the legends and myths about the lake.

Picnic lunch with Siberian cuisine will be held on the ice of the lake.  After it you are waiting for the ice sports: ice skating, ice Golf, photo shoots and dedication to ice travelers.


Towards evening you will return to the camp, have dinner and rest.

Day 3

Tazheranskaya steppe

Today you will find a survey of Tazheran steppes.  After Breakfast you will go on an ATV in a southerly direction, towards the village of buguldeyka.


Along the way you will stop and ascend to the top overview of tan-Han, from where a splendid panorama of lake Baikal and on the seaside ridge.  You will then have lunch on the lake, take a stroll and explore ice caves and Naples.

In the evening you will arrive in the village of buguldeyka, where we will visit the marble quarry.  Overnight accommodations in the inviting Ecocenter.  After dinner you can enjoy a bath.

Day 4

Walk on howuse

After a delicious and hearty Breakfast, you will drive to Buguldeika on the cars.  Here you will Board the khivus — a hovercraft which takes you to Listvyanka.


Along the way you will see some of the sights of lake Baikal: the Arch Cape, Cove, Sandy, rock Skriper and devil's bridge.  These places are famous for the purest ice of various shapes, so you can arrange the perfect photo shoot.

Along the way you will stop for lunch.  In the evening you will arrive in Listvyanka and hotel accommodation at the Angara.  Will you have dinner (paid extra) and rest.

Day 5

Alloy on the ice

After Breakfast you will visit the observation platform "Chersky Stone".  The climb will be on the chair lift, and the top opens a great view of Baikal and Angara.


Then you will visit the Baikal Museum, a virtual dive to the bottom of the lake and look at the famous Baikal seal.


After lunch in a restaurant you go to the source of the Angara river, where you will be rafting on the ice.  You will get acquainted with the Siberian dog Alaskan Malamute or husky, which will become your companions in this adventure.  During the rafting we will arrange a picnic right on the ice.


After rafting you will find a real Siberian Banya with bathing in an ice hole.  Then you go back to the hotel, will have dinner and rest.

Day 6

Return home

After Breakfast you will be transferred to the airport where you will be going home.


If you wish, you can stay on the lake a couple of days to go Snowmobiling, helicopter tours or to visit ethnographic complex "Taltsy".

Accommodation during the trip

The first two nights you will spend at the camp "Hadarta", located on the same promontory on the Small sea.  You are going to stay in a comfortable cottage in the double room with private bathroom (2 floor) or bathroom for 2 rooms (1 floor).  The rooms – one double or two single beds, wardrobe, bedside tables, Desk, flat-screen TV, mini fridge, kettle, crockery for tea/coffee. 

One night you stay in the center of hunting and tourism talovskoe in the village of buguldeyka.  The base is a two-storey house: on the ground floor there are 2 double rooms, living room with fireplace and sitting area, 2 guest bathrooms, and a bathroom with shower.  On the second floor – one triple and one quadruple room.

The final two nights you will spend in hotel "Nikola" in Listvyanka.  You will live in standard double rooms with two single or one double bed.  The rooms have a private bathroom with shower and Hairdryer, free Wi-Fi and a flat-screen TV

The cost of the tour for 1 person:

Accommodation 1/2 DBL Currency
Accommodation according to the program 1955
U.S. dollar

What is included:

  • accommodation according to the program
  • nutrition program
  • meeting in airport, transfer to the airport
  • rent all-terrain vehicles TREKOL and hovercraft "Hivus"
  • tour guide services
  • excursion to the Baikal Museum and to the observation platform "Chersky Stone"
  • alloy on the ice
  • walking with Siberian husky dogs
  • bath (3 hours) with a dip in the hole
What to pay:
  • flights to Irkutsk 
  • meals not included in the program
  • single occupancy on the basis of "Hadarta" and the hotel "Nikola"
  • medical insurance
  • optional excursions and activity
  • —visa to Russia
  • —Translation services

You can write your wishes.
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