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"Travel to the North Pole aboard the icebreaker, from August 01 for 13 day"

Despite the fact that the icebreaker “50 Years of Victory” was not originally planned for use on passenger flights, guests are offered comfortable accommodation and fine cuisine on board the ship. Enjoy the convenience and pleasant atmosphere of leisure places where you can relax and talk with friends. Chat with the captain and look at the Arctic through the panoramic windows of the captain’s bridge, open to travelers.
Price: $ 29445
Feature tour:
Day The tour program
1 day

Murmansk, overnight at hotel

The route of our unique cruise begins in Murmansk.    Upon arrival to Murmansk airport Shuttle will transfer you to your hotel in the city center (night in hotel included in the price).    Today you will be able to explore the largest city in the world located beyond the Arctic circle.
Day 2

Murmansk, landing on the icebreaker

In the afternoon we climb aboard the world's most powerful ship – nuclear-powered icebreaker "50 let Pobedy".    After a while we leave the mainland and out to sea towards the Arctic adventure.
3 - 6 day

Course to the North pole

Days full of activity – we have a lot to catch up to the conquest of the Pole.    Our polar experts will tell you about the most interesting features of the Arctic.    With open decks, we observe 75 thousand horsepower nuclear icebreaker "50 years of Victory" triumphant pave the way through 3-meter thickness of the ice.    You even open the bridge!

Activity is not limited to a theoretical exploration of the Arctic.    As soon as weather conditions permit, we will arrange the landing on ice, helicopter flights over the going in the ice by the icebreaker and the Arctic Islands.    Just imagine what you can do photos!
Day 7

North pole: we're on top of the world!

On the way to the pole, the captain slowly maneuvering the bulk of the icebreaker to "put" the ship to the point of 90° C. sh. a. – coordinates of the geographic North pole.    Hooray, we are on top of the world!

In this place where all meridians: wherever you look – everywhere is South.    Here the whole world is at our feet – literally.    Take a round the world race – after all, it's enough to go around the point of 90° C. sh. a. Arrange the northernmost on the planet photo shoot on the background of the icebreaker.    Swim in the waters of the Arctic ocean.    And a polar barbecue and dancing.
8-10 day

E x plore the Russian Arctic Islands

These days we explore one of the most inaccessible regions of the Arctic archipelago Franz-Joseph.    The territory of the Franz Josef belongs to the national Park Russian Arctic.    In the vast Islands full owners feel polar bears.    We can meet these "masters of the Arctic" at any time, anywhere in the archipelago.    24-hour polar day allows us to use every opportunity to observe unique wildlife.

In addition to natural resources, Land Franz Josef stores are the most exciting pages of history.    Experience the feelings experienced by the characters in the legendary novel "Two captains".    On Franz Josef land, in an attempt to reach the North pole, died Sedov.    His grave can be seen on Rudolf island.    Here at Cape flora NORTHBROOK island, found the rescue of the surviving members of the expedition "St. Anna" Brusilov – the Navigator of the Albans and sailor Conrad.    Cape Norway island Jackson 7 months had a famous Norwegian traveller Nansen and Johansen after an unsuccessful attempt to conquer the North pole.    And it's only a few pages from the book of the history of Franz Joseph.

Quiet Bay known for its well-preserved buildings of the first Soviet polar station.    Here is also located the base of the national Park Russian Arctic.    And you will have the opportunity to send a postcard to friends from the northernmost post office.
11-12 days

The Barents sea

Our icebreaker is heading to Murmansk.    One of these days we will conduct final photo presentation – we invite you to relive the most impressive moments of the journey again.    And you are invited to dinner with the captain.
Day 13

Murmansk, landing from ship

We return to the port of Murmansk, from where started our journey.    But in these few days many things changed – now you belong to a select group of travelers who managed to see the whole world from the top of the planet.

Our trip is over.    We'll have Breakfast, disembark from the ship and transfer to the airport.



In all our cruises involved an experienced photographer.    He is always ready to share their knowledge — how on Board in the course of photographic presentations and lectures, and in the process of photographing during landings.

If you are just beginning to get acquainted with the world of photography — do not worry.    To participate in our photography trips can both advanced photographers and beginners.    You will learn key fundamentals of photography in a unique environment, with the ability to get answers to your questions from the best photographers.

Helicopter flights


We do everything to make our travelers were not limited to the role of spectators in the Arctic.    During expedition cruises to the North pole, we landed on the most inaccessible shores of the High Arctic — even where denied access to our expedition boats zodiac.    In such cases, we will use a helicopter.

In addition to boarding, we offer our travelers the helicopters over-reaching in the ice-breaker and over the fantastic landscapes of the Arctic.    Just imagine what pictures you can do during these flights!

 The cost for 1 person


Mini Suite

Junior Suite

Grand Suite

Suite Victoria

Luxury Arctic

the cost without the discount

$ 30.995

$ 35.995

$ 40.595

$ 40.595

$ 44.095

$ 45.095

cost with discount for early booking.

$ 29.445

$ 34.195

$ 38.565

$ 38.565

$ 41.890

$ 42.840


Included in the price

Hotel accommodation in Murmansk the day before the cruise (Breakfast included)  ;

Group transfers airport — hotel in Murmansk on the first day of the program;

Group transfers from the hotel to the ship on the day of the cruise;

A journey on Board a/l "50 years of Victory" as indicated in the itinerary;

All shore excursions and other activities on the helicopter during the cruise (scheduled group tours depends on weather conditions and decisions of the expedition leader) ;

All shore excursions and activities by Zodiacs in the course of the cruise (subject to weather conditions and decisions of the expedition leader);

I  nformation support of the cruise polar experts and expedition leader;

Four meals (including fresh pastries in the afternoon); stand with coffee and snacks, drinking water 24 hours a day;

Rubber boots for landings on the cruise;

Informational materials provided prior to the trip;

Electronic travel diary with photos;

Group transfers the vessel to the airport or the city centre in Murmansk at the end of the cruise;

Technical costs and port charges throughout the program;

Brand expedition jacket ;

Personal medical insurance on Board (€100,000 coverage includes, among other risks, risks associated with emergency evacuation and repatriation).

 Not included

Costs for passports and visas (if required);

The state fee for entry and exit to/from the country (if required);

Food on the shore and the expense of separate accommodation (if required);

Alcoholic beverages;

Luggage insurance, insurance for trip cancellation (highly recommended, can assist in the design of such insurance);

Fees for overweight Luggage;

Telecommunications services on Board, Laundry service, bar;

Tips to stewards and other service personnel on Board (at your discretion).

    It is a journey to a distant remote region.    All activities during the cruise are dependent on ice and weather conditions and are determined by the expedition leader and captain.    The actual expedition may vary.    The meeting with the stated wildlife is not guaranteed.


You can write your wishes.
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