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"Fabulous Kazan for the New year!"

The best way to spend the holiday is to buy things for the New year and go to the old city is full of amazing places and spectacular sights!
Price: $ 313
Feature tour:

Day The program
1 day (31.12.2019)
08:00 to 12:00 — Meeting tourists with a sign "the Third Capital" the representative of the host company:
12:00 to 14:00 meeting the tourists with a sign "the Third Capital" the representative of the tour operator: (trains late arrival: it is recommended for tourists from St. Petersburg and other cities)
— at the train/train station "Terminal 1" (Kazan — Passenger) — red building, the main entrance at the sculptures white bars.—  W/train station "Terminal 2" (Uprising — Passenger) — at the main entrance to railway station.  at the international airport "KAZAN" — for an additional fee, for more information see transport services. The representative of the tour operator, at the station, will give an elaborated programme of contacts guide.  In case of delay of tourists to the beginning of the excursion program, please contact emergency telephone: +7 965 580 20 80
During the Christmas rides for tourists are offered to buy a group transfer to the hotel.  Cost group transfer per person: $ 100.  Departure transfer from railway station every 30 minutes starting from 08:00 am.
12:00 — Meeting with guide in the hotel lobby.  Departure on excursion.
13:00— Interactive program "Yakin duslar" will immerse you into the world of the ancient culture of the Tatar people.  Folk songs and ancient musical instruments fascinate national colour and originality.
— Lunch in a cafe or restaurant in the city
14:00— Bus tour of the city "the capital of Christmas".  Bright Christmas decoration and the frosty smell of pine needles, the ancient city brought in its fabulous incarnation!  The tour takes you to famous places of Kazan, Old Tatar settlement, Marjani mosque, lake Kaban, a Tatar village Tugan Avylym, Freedom square, Kazan University, Kazan national cultural center promenade, where you can enjoy unforgettable views of the other side of the city and the Kazan Riviera, a visit to the place of finding of the Kazan icon of the Mother of God mother of God monastery, which houses one of the oldest copies of that icon.
16:30— Tour of "white stone fortress".  Kazan Kremlin is the main landmark of the city, monument of world heritage of UNESCO.  This is the official residence of the President of the Republic of Tatarstan and the state Museum-reserve, which is visited annually by thousands of tourists.  The white-stone Kremlin, the heart of the ancient city embodies the culture of the West and the East.  Here leaped skyward minarets of the main mosque Kul Sharif (visiting), sparkle gold domes of the oldest Orthodox Annunciation Cathedral.  The fortress is one of the symbols of Kazan — the famous "falling" tower Queen Syuyumbike.
18:00— transfer to the hotel.  Free time.
— New year's Banquet in hotel or restaurant in the city.  Hotels and restaurants will delight their guests new year's show program.  Immerse yourself in the mysterious new year's fireworks night!  The hotel restaurants offer a Christmas menu with a large range of fish, meat dishes and gourmet snacks.
Day 2 (01.01.2020)
09:00— Late Breakfast in the hotel.
11:00— Meeting with guide in the hotel lobby.  Departure on excursion.
12:00 new year's interactive program "new year fairy tale ISKE Kazan".  Our world is called "fairy Tale” is located on the territory of "ISKE Kazan”.  Life in this territory is mysterious, mystical and very confusing.  Here you will find yourself in another dimension.  You will have to pass many tests in order to meet the real Santa Claus and snow Maiden.  You will get acquainted with the dwarves Santa Claus, will visit the lair of the mad Hatter and the Hare will meet on the way of Shrek and his friend the Cat, you will see all your favorite kaprizulka Masha and the Bear, move to Disneyland and will fade away with these Mickey mouse and Minnie mouse.  But the only one who can defeat the Snow Queen will receive a gift from Santa Claus will drive a round dance around the Christmas tree
Lunch.  A feast of kebab, vodka.  Sweet gifts. (Gifts are for an additional fee: 500 rubles.  Pre-order)
15:00 Return to Kazan
16:00— Free time in the city centre.
Evening bus tour "Christmas Tree, light up!"  As if by magic lights of the night city, and the tale continues.  The tour includes visits to all the main trees of Kazan, the winter Wonderland and other Christmas miracles!  You will learn about the history of the Christmas holidays, how in the world Santa clauses, and of course, what is New year Tartar!
Day 3 (02.01.2020)
07:00 — Breakfast at the hotel.
08:00— Meeting with guide in the hotel lobby.  Departure on excursion.
Excursion "the citadel of the conqueror" on the Island town of Sviyazhsk.  Sviyazhsk historical – cultural gem of the Republic of Tatarstan.  An ancient fortress built during the reign of Ivan the terrible, served as a military Outpost in the Volga region and place of training military units to March on the impregnable fortress of Kazan.  In the tour Sviyazhsk includes a unique historical monuments: Cathedral of joy of All who sorrow, one of the oldest wooden churches of Russia — Church of the Holy Trinity, the current assumption monastery with the architectural ensemble of the 16th-17th century stables and workshops

The excursion "back centuries.  The legendary city on the Sviyaga"Dive back centuries in the truest sense of the word - a walk along the glass platform among the wooden houses of the 16th century, to be inside this archaeological excavation and actually walk the ancient streets of wooden urban buildings of the middle of XVI — XVIII centuries.  Log houses and outbuildings, fences and bridges are located exactly at those places where they were found.  The Sviyazhsk Museum archaeological tree – the intersection of centuries — here, you can see firsthand how they lived and what everyday items were used by our ancestors 400 and even 500 years ago.  And modern technologies allow brighter and figurative to feel the life of the medieval city. On the way to learn more about the examination of "the temple of all religions" on the old Moscow road
15:00 Arrival in Kazan. Lunch "the Secrets of Tatar cuisine" with a master class of cooking Tatar national dishes
16:30 End of program, free time
Day 4 (03.01.2020)
07:00 — Breakfast at the hotel.  Check
08:00 — Meeting with guide in the hotel lobby.  Departure on excursion.  Things on the bus
— Tour of "legendary land" in Raifa monastery, located 30 km from Kazan, in the protected forest on the shore of the marvelous beauty of the lake.  The monastery was founded in the 17th century.  Its architectural ensemble is one of the most majestic in the middle Volga region has been developed over the centuries.  The main Shrine of the monastery is the miraculous icon of the Georgian mother of God (XVII).  The monastery is consecrated by the Patriarch of the Holy source
12:30 End of program for travelers with early departure.  Transfer to the railway station.  (the train's early departure from Kazan)
13:00 — Lunch cafes in the city.
14:30 transfer to the railway station.  The end of the program.

 The cost of the tour for 1 person:
Accommodation 1/2 DBL SNGL Currency
The hotel "Korston Tower" 4 * (superior room TWIN/DBL) NG 313 382 $
 The price includes:
  • meeting at the railway/train station;
  • accommodation in selected hotel;
  • meals according to the program;
  • bus service for the program;
  • excursions, tour guide services, tour assistance;
  • entrance fees to sites per itinerary;
  • an interactive program.
  • group transfer hotel — railway station.
Additional charge:
  • Giving Christmas gifts (500 rubles, pre-order).
  • Group transfer railway station — hotel ($100 per person)
  • Headphones for fun — -radioguide cost $ 100 for the day tour service.
 English speaking guide is paid extra
You can write your wishes.
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